The Skyrim Permadeath Chronicles

The Skyrim Permadeath Chronicles is a narrative account that follows various characters as they pursue their dreams and generally live their lives. These are ordinary people, with their own wants and needs, and their own reasons for being in Skyrim. Their stories occur alongside of Skyrim’s main story, so while none of the characters are the Dragonborn, they certainly might hear of him.

The Chronicles occur on their own evolving timeline, and one character’s story may overlap or otherwise impact another character we are chronicling. We’ll follow one character’s story until they achieve their stated goal and can retire (perhaps only temporarily), or until they die, whichever occurs first. I’m playing Skyrim on Master difficulty and permadeath-style, so death is a likely outcome. Or, at least, the threat of it is certainly around every corner.

This page is a meant to be a jumping-of point for all things Skyrim Permadeath, so there are various and sundry links below.

Permadeath Defined & Gameplay Settings

The Skyrim Permadeath Chronicles
Lots of real estate to explore.

The Chronicles

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