Skyrim PC Mods

Here’s a run-down of the primary mods I am using. This list will likely change over time.

Critical Mods for the Permadeath Chronicles

  • Alternate Start: Allows me to start play from one of twenty different places, including the traditional cart ride to Helgen.
  • Frostfall: Hardcore. This mod simulates the effects of the frigid cold, including hypothermia. Players have to make fires, dress warmly, and avoid exposure. Couple with the Permadeath play-style, this makes the going even tougher.
  • Kill Every NPC: If my PC only gets one life, the NPCs should too, right? It always bothered me that you couldn’t kill the Jarls, for instance. No more. I am keeping track of any named NPCs that die during the course of the Chronicles and removing them at the start of a new play-through via console commands.
  • Realistic Needs and Diseases: Simulates the effects of hunger, thirst, drunkenness, and exhaustion.

Other Mods for Enhanced Gameplay

  • Arrow Fletching: Allows the crafting of arrows
  • Civil War Overhaul: Improves the civil war story-line and adds new content
  • Convenient Horses: Allows for activities while mounted, horse inventory, horse whistle, horses for followers, etc, etc!
  • Cutting Room Floor: Restores a bunch of content removed from the shipped version of Skyrim
  • Deadly Archery: Compiles several like mods into one to make ranged combat deadlier: Lethal Archery; Increased Arrow Damage; Faster Arrows.
  • Deadly Dragons: As the title implies.
  • Dynamic Loot: modified loot dropped by NPCs.
  • Dynamic Things: Allows you to recover wood from bushes and trees (helpful for Frostfall). Additionally, you can level up combat by using the practice dummies.
  • Immersive Armors: More sets of armor.
  • Immersive HUD: Hides the HUD when not needed.  Awesome for immersion.
  • Immersive Patrols: Adds random patrols for every faction in the game: Stormcloak, Imperial, Bandits, Merchants, etc.
  • Immersive Weapons: Greater selection of weapons.
  • Inconsequential NPCs: Adds a number of NPCs to fill in the game: Carriage Guards, Skooma Dealers, Prostitutes, Sell-swords, Servants, Workers, etc.
  • Sneak Tools: Adds stealth gameplay – slit throats, knock unconscious, keep identity hidden with a mask.
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