Previously in the Skyrim Permadeath Chronicles…

About the Skyrim Permadeath Chronicles

A Bad Deal Made Worse

(Note – this playthru was done on the Xbox 360, hence the lack of screenshots)

1. A failed skooma smuggler flees for his life
2. A glimmer of hope on the horizon
3. Strangers and their belongings
4. Acclimating to civilization

Agent of Shadow


1. Stepping from the shadows

Vermin beneath her feet

2. Vermin under her feet












The Adventure of the Stolen Skooma

Being a Tale of the Infamous Inspector Le’Mosh Locksher
Discussion at the map table

1. Taking the Case.

Locksher comes to Riverwood

2. Riverwood Under Dark Skies

Helgen Burns

3. Helgen Burning

Dead Almer

4. Banditry on the road

Bandit Booty

5. Bandit Booty

Encountering Falkreath

6. Onto Falkreath

Dead Vamp

7. A Discovery on the Trail

Skooma Found

8. Skooma Found


9. Chasing the Vamp

Le'Mosh Considers a Zombie

10. The Face of the Dead

The Well of Souls

11. The Well of Souls

12. Case Closed

12. Case Closed

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