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Clockwork Scoundrels 2 – Out Now!

The next episode in the saga of Captain Locke and her crew is available at Amazon! They thought the Fog would provide an escape. They were wrong. It has been three weeks since the Misty Morning departed Alterra. Her instruments

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Steampunk Guest Post

I wrote a guest post on a steampunk blog today talking about how I came to write Clockwork Scoundrels – check it out!

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Clockwork Scoundrels FREE Today!

Get a FREE copy of the thrilling adventure reminiscent of Joss Whedon’s Firefly. Today only! Here’s what one reader had to say: Clockwork Scoundrels has got all the best parts of an entertaining space western with a steampunk twist. Airships,

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Clockwork Scoundrels Available Now

Clockwork Scoundrels is now available! Only $0.99 for a limited time! Get It Blurb: Melanie Locke, the captain of a run-down airship, has never been short on luck, hers is just always bad or worse. Yet even by such lofty

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Coming Soon: Clockwork Scoundrels

Coming July 7th, 2015… Clockwork Scoundrels Synopsis Melanie Locke, the captain of a run-down airship, is flat broke. Her ship is falling apart and soon the crew will be supping on boiled leather (again). So when a businessman offers her

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E3 2015: The Recap

Although E3’s primary purpose is to manufacture hype for games we might not see for years, I can’t avoid it’s gravitational pull. It’s just so damn fun to watch the vids and imagine how fun these games will be. Let’s

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Time, That Cruel Mistress

Today was my son’s last day of elementary school. They have a tradition at his school, wherein the departing fifth graders run through the halls on their last day and all the kids and teachers wave good-bye. Where has the

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Pick My Next Book Cover

I am running a design contest for the cover of my next story and you can help me choose! Vote here Here’s one of the options: .

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Ranking the MCU Films

Part 3 of my multi-saga review of Age of Ultron concludes with a recap of all the MCU movies and a numeric score. I’ve grouped the movies into tiers, and indicate how many times I’ve seen each in parentheses following

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9 Reasons Avengers is Still the Mightiest

Or, alternatively, why Age of Ultron isn’t as good as the first Avengers movie. This is part 2 in my mega-review of Age of Ultron (part 1 discussed how Age of Ultron was better). Spoilers incoming. 1. Hawkeye: The Sequel

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