New Words Coming Soon

A few RPG-related writings of mine will soon be out in the wild!

First, my story ‘The Forgotten’ will be featured in the upcoming Pathfinder Chronicler anthology. I wrote the story back in 2011 for a Pathfinder fiction contest, placing 2nd. The book will feature horror and mythic stores set in the world of Golarion. It will be out in time for PaizoCon 2015, and shortly thereafter as a PDF on the Paizo store. Check-out the amazing cover (click for full-size)!

Pathfinder Anthology Volume IV cover

I also have an article appearing in the new D&D 5th edition magazine EN5IDER. The article takes five lessons from the Hobbit films (good and bad) and gives examples of how you can apply them to your own RPG campaign. I’ll post again when the first issue goes up. Here’s a peek at the magazine. The second screenshot, the one with the awesome dragon art, is my article! 😀

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