Beyond the Gate

You may have noticed that I’ve allowed some dust to accumulate around these here parts the last couple of months. Cobwebs in the corners. Mice in the pantry. The lawn overgrown and choked with weeds.

I’m not saying I’ve been neglectful, but just now, when I came here to post this, I had to think hard about my password.

So yea, my absense is recognized by the proprietor. There is a reason, a good one, having nothing to do with Procrastination, that dastardly villian and chief nemesis.

I’ve been coordinating an anthology. Short stories of a Fantasy persuasion, from 23 authors (including myself). I brained up this cockamainy idea and then fell on the sword volunteered to lead the charge. That was some 2 or 3 months ago. Not quite sure how long, time’s grown a bit soft.

I’m an optimistic sort, often foolishly. Turns out I drastically (you might say criminally) underestimated how much time it would take to coordinate this. Time is ever the resource in shortest supply in My Life. I had no idea just how many tiny details need cataloging in such an endeavor. You might say it’s like Whack-a-Mole and I wouldn’t disagree.

I say all of this not to complain but to explain the quiet, and to apologize for it in a roundabout way. I fully intend on resuming the Skyrim Chronicles at the earliest opportunity. For now, I can only push the boulder forward on my novel and play taskmaster on the anthology. It is all Time will allow.

If you are curious about the anthology, might be you can pop in and take a look. The stories deal in all sorts of wizz-bang coolery, including airship smugglers, time traveling, ancient mysteries, and a malignant Fog that harbors the fiends of nightmare. It’s all sorts of awesome and it will be completely FREE when it launches. At the end of October.


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