5 Games I’m Hyped About (And They’re Releasing This Year!)

The dust from another E3 has long settled. Based on what I saw and heard from the conference, here are the 5 games I’ll be picking up later this year!

Dragon Age Inquisition

I love the Dragon Age lore. A new game set in an open world? Yes please!

Halo Master Chief Collection

I am strangely excited to repurchase a bunch of games I’ve already owned and have since jettisoned.

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

Looks like Assassin’s Creed: Middle-Earth, with Batman: Arkham City influences, and I am more than fine with that.

Assassin’s Creed: Unity

The AC franchise is starting to feel a little over-played (yearly releases will do that), but the inclusion of 4-player campaign suddenly has me excited again. Now if only I could find 3 other friends that will actually buy it…


The makers of Halo are creating a new sci-fi shooter with open world RPG, MMO-lite elements. Looks like Halo crossed with Borderlands, and seasoned with a bit of Star Wars. They had me at a new Bungie sci-fi shooter.

Bonus – 4 on the watch list for 2015:

The Division

The graphic fidelity and the promise of some great RPG-enhanced shooter gameplay looks incredible. Not much for the Tom Clancy series of games, but this is one I will be picking up.

Halo 5: Guardians

Huge Halo fan (even tried some of the books… don’t), so this is a no-brainer. Halo 4 had a great story and a powerful ending. Looking forward to the continuation.

Witcher 3

The Witcher series is known for its mature take on RPGs (elf ghettos and sub-human racism and, yes, sex). The new game knocks down the invisible walls, expanding into a fully open world. The video of Geralt crossing rough seas in a small sailboat initially sold me, and nothing I’ve seen since has dissuaded that initial opinion.

Rainbow Six Siege

This one wasn’t on my radar until E3. I haven’t played a Tom Clancy title since early in the 360’s life cycle. This new iteration looks impressive though – tense multiplayer gameplay centering on recovering (or keeping) a┬áhostage, with barricades, neat toys, and fully destructible environments. Sold.

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