Skyrim Permadeath Chronicles: Part 6

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Morning found Lindia ready to begin her quest for salvation. She stopped briefly at the Riverwood Trader to secure supplies. The shop-owner leaned heavily against the counter, cupping a battered tin mug. Empty wine bottles lay on their sides all around him. He gave her an accusing look as she entered, but held his tongue until Lindia stepped near to pay for the goods.

The shop owner grieves

The shop owner grieves

“Quite a lot of food, that is.” He reeked of alcohol.

Lindia did not comment.

“Running far from here? Can’t blame you. After the business last night…” He sobbed loudly. “What am I to do? I can’t run the store without Camilla. But neither can I leave it.”

Lindia pushed her goods across the counter. “How much.”

“I knew that khajiit was no good,” he said. He was talking mostly to himself, though sometimes he turned his bloodshot eyes on her almost accusingly. “Khajiit are more trouble than they’re worth, everybody knows that. Thieves and skooma addicts… the whole lot of ’em. Vaernima take him and burn his soul over a thousand years.” He turned aside and spit.

Lindia counted up the value of the goods and left the proper number of coins on the counter.

“We ain’t never seen such madness in Riverwood. He robbed a bunch of folk, killed Alvor. And Camilla.” His voice broke and he dissolved into a fit of loud crying.

Lindia left. She found Ralof organizing the handling of the dead, along with a young Imperial soldier. The enemy! She’d drawn an arrow hardly before she realized what she was doing. No, not here. Not like this. Stay focused.

She waited until the Imperial wandered away and then addressed Ralof.

He nodded in greeting and then his eyes fixed on her quiver. “Those arrows… it was you who put down that crazed khajiit, wasn’t it?” When he saw she was about to deny it, he held up a hand. “I’ll not make a big deal of it, I only wished to thank you. It could have been much worse had you not intervened.”

Irritation burned Lindia’s cheeks. The last thing she wanted was this dirty nord’s gratitude. But perhaps she could use this to her advantage. “I mean to join the Stormcloaks. If Skyrim was united, mayhap tragedies like this could be avoided.”

“Truly?” The shaggy-haired nord looked down at her skeptically. “You mean to fight for Skyrim?”

“It is my home, and I hate to see how the Imperials treat it,” she lied. “I understand you can help me in this?”

Ralof bid her wait. He returned with letters of introduction. “Take this to Windhelm. They will get you to Ulfric himself.”

Lindia thanked the man and left, following the road north out of town. She’d walk to Whiterun and pay for a carriage there. She finally felt that she was on her way. The craziness of last night had slowed her, but mayhap it was all for the good. Ralof’s letter would put her close to Ulfric and help gain his trust. As much as he could trust an elf – the leader of the Stormcloaks was a notorious racist. He would pay for all his sins in time.

Sunlight filtered through trees dappled the path, and the wind whispered through leaves. Animals scurried through the underbrush, nearby but unseen. Lindia walked with her bow at the ready. A pair of wolves emerged and charged. Lindia dropped the first before he got into biting distance and finished the second point-blank. She continued on.

Vermin beneath her feet

Vermin beneath her feet

Voices came to her through the trees. Rough-sounding men. She cut across country, scaling a small outcrop of stone. She knelt in shadow. Rounding the path under her feet, a small Imperial squad escorted an Nord prisoner.

Four of them. The temptation was too strong to resist. She plucked and arrow and put it in the back of the lead Imperial’s head. He staggered stupidly and started shouting while he pulled out his own bow. The others responded in kind. Arrows skipped across the stone all around Lindia’s perch. More than one found its end in her flesh.

Taking Aim

Taking Aim



Back-peddling while she fired, Lindia put the stone between her and the Imperials. She quaffed a healing potion and rounded the stone to see what her enemy was about. The soldiers had used the lull to inch closer. One of the men exchanged bow for sword. He charged.

Lindia put two arrows into him, but he scarcely seemed to notice. His sword fell, opening Lindia’s chest from collar to groin. She collapsed, choking on her own blood. The world faded to black.

Well, that was stupid. I have to admit, for the first time since starting this, I considered loading up and starting over. I was really digging Lindia’s character. But done is done. Next time – a new character. Somebody with a bit more sense, I think, and less prone to foolishly rush in.

This was the last of my plays completed on the Xbox. All the screens have been taken on my PC, a recreation so that the post would have some pictures. From here on out, the plays will be done on the PC, with all my mods running. Should be fun!

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