Numenera Actual Plays and Reviews

My first instinct after seeing a movie or reading a book is to jump online and look for reviews. Did someone else like it or hate it? Do they have insights that I missed? Etc. Is this a thing or am I alone in this?
Does this thing get Youtube?

Does this thing get Youtube?

So on that note – January is drawing to a close and so is my reading of Numenera. I’ll post an official review sometime in February, once I’ve gotten some more sessions under my belt. In the meantime, I thought I’d share some of the reviews, actual plays, etc that I found worthwhile while I was learning the system.


  • The Numenera 5 Minute Summary – I put this video first, before the reviews, for a reason. It summarizes the primary mechanic that drives the game in a succinct 5 minute video. This really helped clear up some things when I was trying to sort out how the Stat Pools, Edge, and Effort all worked in conjunction.


  • What Sean K Reynolds Thinks – Sean is a game developer and actually worked on the Numenera line, so obviously he likes the game. Still, I found his review concise and interesting.
  • Review from an Indie Developer – This is another good review. He babbles on a bit at the beginning, the Numenera stuff doesn’t really start until about 5 minutes in. Still, one of the better reviews I’ve seen.
  • Gnome Stew Review – Gnome Stew has a very detailed review on their site. It’s the probably the best one I’ve read.

Actual Plays

  • The Beale of Boregal – If you can get over the background noise, this is a pretty good actual play, mostly because the GM is great. Play starts about 15 minutes into the 3rd video and continues over into the 4th. The first 2 videos aren’t worth bothering with in my opinion.
  • Roo Sack Gamers – this is a solid podcast actual play. I’m linking to the 2nd podcast in the series, which is where the actual play starts. The first podcast has to do with character creation, so might be worth a listen in that regard. My only real complaint about this podcast is how the GM hands out XP after combat. A minor quibble. There are 10 podcasts up so far; I’ve listened to the first 8.
  • The Nightmare Switch – I’ve only watched the first video in this series so far, but it is pretty entertaining.
  • The Adventures of Junior & The Princess – Okay, I may be biased, but I think this first session with my kids is the best Numenera actual play going, albeit in a PG-rated package.
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